About Mermaid JessaLee

The waters of Wakanda submerge a secret that even the Wakandans don’t know, until now! Introducing Mermaid JessaLee! The Wakandan Mermaids are notoriously secretive, so she won’t say much about her past, yet here she is! Never satisfied being Wakanda’s best kept secret, this beautiful, mystical creature crossed the waters from East Africa to DC because she wanted to see the world, and be seen! She loves American fashion and culture, and has decided to make the DC area her home.  Mermaid JessaLee performs magic tricks, plays the flute, and is skilled at arts & crafts. When on land she can conjure up legs at will, and enjoys jumping, dancing, and shopping  (jewelry, sparkly tail coverings and leggings are personal favorites)! She enjoys pampering herself: getting her nails, hair and makeup done to look her best. She loves having her picture taken and being the center of attention. She has decided to make a career for herself here using her many talents to perform, bringing joy to all who dare to believe in her mermaid magic.